2011 Update

Welcome to 2011! Sorry for the extended silence, but the winter was hectic and there hasn’t been much to report on our Rail Trail effort.

The small amount of news I have to share is that the City has chosen Lose & Associates (www.loseassoc.com) to “look for the cost associated with the implementation of the first phase which would be from Westside Park to the Pardue Lane Park,”. There has been no date set for a presentation, but we know the study needs to be completed in this fiscal year (by June 30th).

I’ve been told there will be Public Hearings held (no dates yet). “Public comments will be incorporated into the design for a cost determination.” That comment gives me pause.

The federal, state and local economies are all struggling and this project is not considered a vital necessity, so we’re going to have to be creative in our thinking and fund raising. As I’ve mentioned before, the first phase will have a higher cost than the balance of the route because of the need for a bridge over Cox Mill Road. We’re going to need lots of help for that.

Over the next few weeks, please think about how we might address these cost concerns before we start having public hearings.

I don’t know who the specific contact is at Lose & Associates for this project, but if you’d like to offer suggestions or comments, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Hopefully we’ll have more to report in the next few weeks. I’m more than ready for some good weather!

Thanks for your interest and we’ll talk soon!

Kim Schippers


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